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Customer Testimonials

Just See What Our Customers Have To Say About Us!
I wanted to say thank you to Abdul and team for always providing outstanding Customer Service in the Service department at Wolfchase Honda. Special thanks to Dexter in our most recent visit. He did a great job of keeping me informed and turned to car around quickly. Abdul and team are always professional and knowledgeable. Thank you again for all the years of great service you have provided my wife and I.

I was stranded in a car that could no longer be driven, on the side of the interstate in 5PM Memphis traffic. ​ The next day I had gone to four other dealerships before I found Wolfchase Honda. ​ I jokingly tell my friends that I walked into heaven and when I met Mr. Ozier I knew that God was watching over me. ​ He took me under his wing and assured me that things would be fine, which helped me tremendously. ​ He helped restore my lost faith in mankind and car dealerships. ​ He went out of his way to help me and I will never forget his kindness. ​ Mr. Ozier will have me as a customer for life. ​ I live in Madison, Mississippi but will be and is my go to guy for future vehicle purchases.

Best car buying experience ever! Class act. Salesmen Ali & Abner and Sales Manager Terrence Williams made the experience so easy. Buy Wolfchase Honda!!!

At Wolfchase Honda in Bartlett, TN, I was looking for a good quality car within reason of price. ​ After searching for 3 weeks on the internet and locally, I came across this Saturn at Wolfchase Honda. ​ I sent an email expressing interest in the car and they emailed me promptly. ​ I asked for a photo of the engine and they gave me a few, no questions asked. ​ I primarily dealt with Internet Sales, and they were awesome. I offered a price that I would pay and they offered a counter price that was very acceptable. They called me back weekly to see if I was still interested and to keep me posted because I did not have the money at the time we talked. ​ No pushing or haggling. ​ I was hoping everything would be good because I had to drive 90 miles or more to get there. ​ When I arrived, I told them I spoke with Internet Sales, and they pulled a file and got the car ready. ​ They showed me the car andI took it for a test drive and it was everything I was looking for. ​ They were polite, courteous and did not heckle me or treat me like I was dumb because I was a woman. ​ The salesman was knowledgeable and I just loved that he popped the hood immediately and turned down the radio so I could hear the engine. ​ He did not treat me like the "normal car sales man" that says look at the pretty mirrors and the pretty paint job. ​ He knew what mattered most. ​ So I decide I want the car and the price was exactly to the penny what was negotiated over the phone, no excess fees, no hassling, no waiting. ​ Everything was smooth sailing. ​ We were in and out in about 2 hours from start to finish. ​ I highly recommend this dealership and will be back for a brand new car when I can afford one. ​ They will do you right.

Wolfchase Honda eNews and CouponsJust read your email and read the full story on my 2012 CRV which I bought at Wolfchase Honda in April. I love this car! ​  ​ It is so fun to drive. I drove it to the Smokey Mountains ​ last week and it did wonderfully on the interstate. ​  I got almost to the mountains on one tank of gas - probably could have gotten all the way, ​ but did not want to take a chance so filled up in Knoxville. I am so ​ glad I bought this car. Everyone who sees it speaks so well of it. Everybody loves it. Thanks, Beverly

We have bought 2 new cars here. One 2004 Honda Accord EXL V6 and one 2009 Honda Odyssey EXL. We are extremely happy with both cars and also very happy with having serviced them there. In sales I would recommend DAN DAN, he is excellent in both selling the car and following up on it after your purchase.‎

Maybe I am lucky to have such a nice and honest salesman. I would strongly recommend Mr. Mack and this dealership. By the way, I am a real customer. ​ It s‎eems that almost nobody likes to (but have to) deal with dealerships. I've read so many complaints about the bad salesman on internet. It was just like taking a tough exam before going into the showroom. " Push, tricky, trap,..." Until we began to negoitate with the nice and honest gentleman Mr. Mack. Everything is just smooth and he gave us a fair and very nice price. Without anything bad happened on others before. We went in the showroom at 10:30 and came out for lunch at 12:00. I cannot believe my first new car (CR-V) purchase is so easy. Maybe I am lucky to have such a nice and honest salesman. I would strongly recommend Mr. Mack and this dealership. By the way, I am a real customer.‎

I would like to thank John Sanders for the excellent service he provided me over the past weekend. Not only was John easy to work with he was able to answer all my questions concerning my new Civic without having to "look it up". Although I did miss my basketball shot I had an excellent experience.‎

I recently went by the dealership more to look than to buy and having had many bad experiences with dealerships, I was ready for hand to hand combat just to be able to look around. ​ After getting out of my vehicle I was approached by Bill Thomas, before he could really say anything I told him I just wanted to look he said no problem let him know if I needed anything. ​ Shock is my only answer to this and then after looking and then test driving. ​ I ended up driving a new Accord home. ​ From beginning to end I never felt pressured and would highly recommend Bill to anyone wanting a enjoyable experience buying their next car....Thank you Bill‎

Hi, I would like to say thank you for your outstanding customer service. I would like to add that you have an eleite team working very hard to make sure your customers have what they need. I would also like to give a special than kyou to Mrs. Miller and Rick who both worked very hard today ato make my mom had everything she needed before the deal was sealed. They both made sure we understood everything and answered all our quetions. They cared.... They made us feel welcomed and handled us with care. A special thank you to Mrs. Miller our sales rep. She showed us that we mattered and that we weren't just a dollar sign to her. Although, I will always be a Honda customer for life but Thanks to Mrs. Miller my mom purchased her 1st Honda today!!! Thank you Mrs. Miller and thank you HONDA!!!!​ ​ 

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